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Our materials offer the highest corrosion protection from the caliper through to the assembly of electronic components. Environmental legislation drives our innovation. Delivering compliant technology is critical for our global applicator base.


Door Components

Surface treatments help to increase the lifespan of components such as strikers and latches. These coatings improve the quality and ultimate end-user experience. Specifying the correct protection helps to minimize warranty costs and mitigate the risk of field failure – ultimately, maintaining consistent and reliable performance.


Alloy wheels

Aluminum offers design freedom and the choice of self-color or chromium finishes. Natural aluminum finishes are preserved by a transparent conversion coating and lacquer. Chromium finishes are created using advanced adhesion techniques to ensure the plated layers last throughout the wheels natural life. esi automotive have developed the latest sustainable and compliant technology for both these finishing choices.


Chromium trim

Most automotive body trim, grills, and mirrors are made from plastic substrates such as ABS and ABS alloys. To achieve the desired bright/satin chromium finish usually applied to these components they first need to be metalized. Today, more and more applicators are using MacDermid Enthone's ZERO chromium evolve plating on plastic and our decorative trivalent chromium plating solutions.


Creating new standards for appearance and protection

Our automotive solutions for decorative applications enable new design, versatility, and style.

MacDermid Enthone decorative coatings include processes that offer durability and long lasting beauty to a diversity of plastic and metals used to manufacture grills, door handles, bumpers, emblems, and much more.

The OEM approved, distinctive finishes and colors provide dynamic styling to meet demanding production and detailing requirements. We partner with the world’s leading manufacturers and applicators to ensure cost-effective and environmentally compliant processes that deliver a range of bright, satin, white and dark finishes.



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Sep 14, 2020 News

Powered by innovation

Following the launch of ESI Automotive, we spoke to Steve Brown, the division’s global director, to find out more about the new offering, and how it aims to meet and exceed customers’ growing needs in the fast-paced automotive market.

Aug 27, 2020 Press Release

Introduction to ESI Automotive

Element Solutions Inc announces the launch of ESI Automotive; a strategic initiative that offers integrated material solutions at the system level for current and next-generation automotive hardware.

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