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Finger touching car interior hardcoated display


Displays form a key part of the automotive human machine interface (HMI)

From advanced instrument cluster displays and digital mirrors, to center stack touchscreens and rear seat entertainment displays, the demand for interactive display technology is increasing. Traditional displays have been flat and predominately rectangular or circular for cover lenses. New designs are freeform, requiring curved surfaces, complex shapes, larger display areas and integrated functionality.

At ESI Automotive, we produce a range of films that allow seamless integration of these features. When combined with our product offering for IME, this makes ESI Automotive a single point of information for a wide range of technologies in a display stack.

Our superior expertise acquired through a long history of supplying films and electronic materials into the automotive market means we can provide design support services from film processing to circuit creation and electronic assembly processes.

Our extensive knowledge of both design and process capabilities combined with our industry leading QPS systems (XMAPP) will help you get your design right first time, reducing development time and costs.

Our state-of-the-art integrated technology allows you the design freedom to create parts which seamlessly integrate optical grade 3D formable films into a wide range of display applications.