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High strength steel

Corrosion protection of steel is an important feature to maintain functionality in demanding applications. Our Anti-corrosion coatings provide a uniform black/silver appearance, modify friction / conductivity characteristics as well as improving abrasion resistance and paint adhesion.



The polymers that are being used for decorative trim, electronic components, displays and in-mold electronics are modified to provide; style, individuality, functionality, value, and reliability in various automotive applications. Our surface coatings are applied to plastics to improve aesthetics, haptic feel, and durability.



Aluminum is used in Chassis, battery packs, thermal management systems, powertrain, interior and exterior parts. For many automotive applications the performance needs to be further enhanced using various surface technologies.


Choosing the optimum surface treatment is a critical factor for lightweight materials, our success is enabling engineers in making these choices 

The connected vehicle

Trends like vehicle electrification, connected and autonomous vehicles coupled with the pressure to lower CO2 and NOx emissions, increase the importance of weight reduction. Today, vehicles have growing numbers of batteries, sensors, electronic functions and luxury features which can add to the overall weight of a vehicle. So, how can lightweighting continue against this component growth?

Lightweight materials

High strength steels

Automotive engineers and material suppliers are investing in research and development of lightweight, high strength, readily formable materials. For example, high strength steel suppliers are developing generation three (gen-3) steels which have very high tensile strength as well as high elongation; hence, they can be cold formed.


The aluminum industry is developing new alloys in the 7000 series, as well as new castings, and is working to reduce costs. The plastics industries are developing new formulations enabling tailor material performance to meet automaker's requirements.

Sintered silver

As the automotive industry moves to introduce increased numbers of electric vehicles, reliability of new power train components is a key critical subject. Sintered silver technology can help to reduce the weight of EV power Inverters by up to a third whilst improving the overall performance and reliability at reduce cost. Learn more about Argomax.

Surface coatings

Anti-corrosion coatings

ESI Automotive offers surface coating technology to accelerate the use of these substrates. For example, our ZinKlad 1000 coatings are an ideal choice for high strength steel fasteners to provide high corrosion resistance and meet predefined coefficient of friction ranges whilst preventing the risk of hydrogen embrittlement. These coatings have a high a surface hardness of 500 HVN, making them ideal for self-thread cutting threads, as they will not be removed on assembly.

Aluminum surface treatments

For protecting aluminum and improving paint adhesion, our chromium-free Iridite conversion coatings and Oxidite anodizing products have been proven over many years.

Decorative coatings

When it comes to the plating of plastic substrates, we are already one of the industry leaders. Now, our evolve and TRILYTE technologies allow applicators to apply hexavalent chromium-free coatings, critical for the industries long term success.

Find out more

Are you looking to reduce vehicle weight by adopting lighter weight materials? Please contact us at ESI Automotive and we can advise on suitable surface finishing technology to help that choice.


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