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People looking at automotive interior display

Displays & In-Mold Electronics

Our plastic hardcoated films combined with circuitry enable functional lighter weight automotive components with increased functionality

What is IME?

In-mold electronics (IME) integrates electronic functionality into injection molded plastic parts. With features such as capacitive touch and secret till lit, these parts are replacing traditional mechanical switches with lighter alternatives in applications such as steering wheel switches, overhead consoles as well as heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC).

Why is this important?

The integration of displays into automotive interiors is driven by aesthetic appeal, seamless integration and now integrated circuitry. Interior surfaces that were once considered passive can now be viewed from a different perspective and used as interactive displays. For example:

  • Design concepts of vehicle door trim can include functions that allow drivers or passengers to adjust wing mirrors or seats.
  • Display screens are getting larger, using interactive surfaces to reduce weight and also as a brand differentiator.

These surfaces can be enhanced by seamless texture, antiglare properties and the ability to clean easily; all are important for consumers and delivered by our XtraForm hardcoated films.

Why does this matter?

The use of plastics to replace glass, to reduce component weight, for display applications is increasing. Additionally, it allows design engineers more freedom to create complex shapes and seamlessly integrate with the dashboard surrounds. In summary creating a functional, lightweight surface with exceptional aesthetic appeal.

To learn more about displays and In-mold electronics, contact us today.