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Feb 7, 2020

Dongfeng Nissan approves ZinKlad applicators in China

ESI Automotive NissaSeven ZinKlad approved applicators received approval by Dongfeng Nissan to meet their specifications for fasteners, hoses, calipers, break blocks and closures. 

As part of their drive to further strengthen high-quality performance in surface finishing of important automotive components, ESI Automotive collaborated closely with the Dongfeng Nissan technical center materials group and the ZinKlad approved applicators. The benefits of the unique ZinKlad quality performance system became evident to the group. These benefits were realized after several audits had been conducted by Dongfeng Nissan and the ESI Automotive and ZinKlad teams. 

ZinKlad quality performance

This system provides “an optimized option for OEMs to collaborate with high quality approved applicators that provide global consistency at a local level in corrosion resistance”. ZinKlad also simplifies the process of finding and developing excellent and reliable applicators that deliver consistent high quality.  

A great example

Jing Jing Sun, OEM manager at ESI Automotive explained: “This is a great example of the value that ZinKlad brings to the Chinese fastener supply chain. For many years now, we have been working on projects such as this one. I am delighted that Dongfeng Nissan will now benefit from the quality offered by our applicators. Additionally, we really look forward to our continued work with other OEMs which will deliver exceptional quality with globally recognized consistency.”   

The culmination of this close collaboration between Dongfeng Nissan, ZinKlad approved applicators, ZinKlad and ESI Automotive teams resulted in the compiling of an official approval list. This means that the OEM, the supply chain and the ZinKlad applicators can benefit from the business opportunities offered by the program.  


“This approval is a great example of the entire automotive supply chain collaborating to assure plating quality meets automotive specifications in China. It is an exceptional opportunity to continue to deliver quality finishing, critical for all the groups involved” said Lammert de Boer, Director – Global Quality Performance Systems at ESI Automotive. 


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