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  • Meeting directives, such as ELV REACh and RoHS continues to be essential requirements. QPS delivers on all of these needs. QPS complies with the conditions set forth in the ISO 9001: 2015.


    QPS helps automotive engineers to specify the right products in a sustainable world. The steady evolution of the program has enabled many global OEM’s to specify ever-higher performance standards and represents:

    • Approved applicators: Applying these products to a common audited standard ensures the same coating performance throughout the applicator base.
    • High performance: Exceeding the high demands for corrosion resistance and exceptionally consistent torque and tension characteristics.
    • Global consistency: Wherever ZinKlad, DecoKlad or XMAPP standards are applied, applicators know they are using the same high-performance products.

    What do we do?

    QPS flow chart

    We supply and develop QPS standards that meet and exceed OEM specifications. We validate applicators processes by conducting audits, carrying out inspections and testing the production output to make sure they meet pre-defined QPS standards and agreed technical requirements.

    We monitor and report results on a global scale to be able to service and continuously improve performance. 

    Why do we do what we do?

    We believe that we are able to assure a global consistent performance at a local level meeting the global OEM requirements with a select number of world class applicators.

    How do we do what we do?

    ESI Automotive has developed a unique Quality Performance System called QPS that tackles the challenges for high-performance automotive coatings. OEM’s can be confident that the same coatings and consistent performance are available worldwide.

Digital Days EV virtual show


May 7, 2021

ESI Automotive exhibited at the Battery & EV Tech Europe

(Waterbury, CT, USA) – May 9th, 2021 - ESI Automotive, an integrated material solutions provider at the system level for current and next-generation automotive hardware, will take part in the Battery Show & EV Tech Europe Digital Days Expo. The virtual event will take place from May 18th – 20th, 2021.

ESI Automotive will be showcasing its high-performance technologies for electric vehicles (EVs) at the first Digital Days Virtual show in advance to the Electric & Hybrid Vehicle Technology Expo in Stuttgart, Germany at the end of November. 

At the virtual booth, experts from ESI Automotive will be highlighting how its system-level solutions can help meet the electric vehicle challenges of range, power and reliability. ESI Automotive will demonstrate how its portfolio of materials solutions can extend range by offering the lowest cost per kilowatt, deliver 40% more power and provide 30 times more reliability. Virtual visitors can also learn more about ESI Automotive’s extensive experience in providing innovative high technology specialty chemicals for advanced circuitry and joining materials.

Chris Klok

Chris Klok, Director Vehicle Electrification Strategy, will give a presentation on Tuesday, 18th May at 11:15 am (CET) on ‘High-performance materials for electronics - Improving Range, Power, and Reliability of electric vehicles.’ This webinar will address ESI Automotive solutions for die attach, soldering and plating. These enable the creation of EV inverters to be more efficient, last longer, have a smaller footprint and can be produced cost effectively in high volumes. 

Virtual visitors will also have the opportunity to book meetings with the team of experts about Electric Vehicles, as well as any upcoming projects.

With more than 60 years’ experience in providing integrated advanced circuitry, joining materials and surface finishing technology into the automotive supply chain, ESI Automotive brings specialist knowledge to develop innovative solutions. It works closely with global business MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions and MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions. Through collaboration with dedicated automotive OEMs and Tier 1s, ESI Automotive works closely with the supply chain to meet growing industry challenges in reliability, form factor and performance.

To learn more about the virtual exhibition and register, please visit the registration website. 



About ESI Automotive

A leading provider of integrated advanced circuitry, joining materials and surface finishing technology, our specialist knowledge across the global automotive supply chain enhances system-level solutions to industry challenges of reliability, form factor and performance. As design enablers in next-generation connected automotive technology, we are powered by innovation, collaboration, expertise and material science.