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ZinKlad fittings

Press Release

Oct 8, 2020


(Langenfeld, Germany) - 8th October 2020: ESI Automotive, the leader in providing surface finishing technology, integrated advanced circuitry and joining materials is introducing a new standard to its successful Quality Performance Systems program: ZinKlad for fittings. 

ESI Automotive is working closely with global business MacDermid Enthone Industrial Solutions to offer this new standard. The fittings market supplies various industrial sectors, ranging from automotive, commercial vehicles, earthmoving equipment, tractors, packaging, power generation, food and beverage etc. After the move from hexavalent chromium to trivalent chromium passivation, the demand for greater anti-corrosive performance has accelerated. Now that automotive and equipment manufacturers have included specifications for galvanic treatment of fittings, ZinKlad is in a unique place to fill this requirement.

The new standards - existing of ZinKlad 240 F, ZinKlad 250 F and ZinKlad 1000 F - are an excellent addition to the already established ZinKlad programs. The whole fittings range offers a hexavalent chromium-free coating for barrel (250 F and 1000 F) and rack (240 F) processing, specifically designed for use on hydraulic and fluid fittings. These coatings deliver excellent corrosion resistance which extends component life, particularly in extremely harsh conditions.

Lammert de Boer, Global Director for ZinKlad, DecoKlad and XMAPP explains: “The new range of ZinKlad for fittings is an excellent addition to the ZinKlad range, and it improves the technical dialogue between fittings manufacturers, electroplating suppliers and the OEMs.”

ZinKlad fittings will complete the current gap between the original manufacturer and the plating supplier, the ZinKlad applicator. By defining the quality standards agreed between the parties throughout the supply chain, it will be optimized by quality audits and inspections. These will be carried out at the approved ZinKlad applicator for fittings on a defined frequent base. 

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