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See through car ADAS

Central Computer

The central computer is considered the brain of the vehicle, the coordinating center for all information fusion. To execute a safe outcome, it will rely on data from many systems and machine learning. This supercomputer will contain the most advanced technology seen in the electronics industry today. Speed, processing power and reliability will be paramount to its success, especially in a life critical application.



Automotive connectivity is a platform that hosts many nodes which will progress with further adoption of Internet of Things (IoT) and full vehicle autonomy. Though currently in its infancy, at minimum this network will contain WiFi, 5G, DSCR, V2V, V2X and other communication pathways to create not only a safe but entertaining experience for the occupants. The technology to ensure proper function will require fast speeds and the ability to perform at high frequencies.



Cameras are the main component of today’s vision systems. They are one of the fastest growing sensors in advanced safety. Currently, automotive cameras are similar in design to those used in consumer electronics but require much higher reliability. The critical resolution needed for next level autonomy will push designs to increased interconnections throughout the hardware.



Radar sensors are one of the fastest growing segments in advanced safety on the path to full autonomy. The characteristics of the technology allow for use in all weather conditions. Radar sensors contribute to many of the advanced safety systems used in all new cars today ranging from blind spot detection to forward collision warning and automatic emergency braking. Very specific design and performance characteristics dictate the materials used for the success of this hardware.



Light detecting and ranging is the fastest changing technology associated to advanced safety. There is debate surrounding the necessity for lidar to create fully autonomous vehicles. Regardless of opinion, technologists have quickly reduced size and cost to advance its acceptance for mass usage. Size and cost continue to be a main factor in adoption.

Safety Systems (ADAS)

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Enhancing safety systems to reach next level autonomy

The path to a fully autonomous vehicle starts with creating systems that work individually and in concert to create a safer, more efficient driving experience. Car makers and their supply chains are providing hardware and software that inform the driver of potential hazards, and in some cases will intervene with the driver to create a safer outcome. To ensure required function and reliability of these systems, proper material choices need to be made. We take a holistic view at hardware and provide solutions that give greater design freedom through form factor, enhanced reliability and increased performance.

We look at trends that can be applied in multiple areas rather than taking a tactical approach to individual designs. We understand that the landscape is changing quickly, the road to success is achieved faster by innovating for miniaturization, enhanced reliability and the use of unique substrates. Our long history and experience in all market segments proves that these trends are universal for present day electronics and that the automotive market will benefit greatly from developments made in these areas.