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Remote side camera on car ADAS


Miniaturization is the cornerstone to advancing safety and ultimately achieving autonomous vehicles



To function dependably in real-world scenarios, the amount of decisions required far exceeds any technology used today. Miniaturization of electronics, specifically the circuits and their supporting advanced packages, must be at the cutting edge of design for this level of processing.  

Powered by innovation, we utilize experience with the most intricate interconnected designs to further develop solutions for current and future automotive requirements.

Do you find that your designs are requiring high density interconnections? Is this resulting in fabrication challenges or concerns for thermomechanical and electrochemical reliability? Our team of experts understands the impact your designs have on resultant performance and reliability. We consider this when creating new materials to support the entire automotive safety supply chain. 

We are market leaders in microvia filling and additive PCB processing for more precise circuit definition. Our assembly offerings range the full spectrum of solder powder sizes with continued development on electrochemically resistant flux packages. Finally, we specialize in metal plating options for advanced semiconductor packing from wafer fabrication to backend attachment. Should your design take a complete departure from the conventional circuit board, our offerings of performance films and plating for molded plastics can reveal a new path.