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Miniaturization of PCB circuits


Our Assembly division enables electronic advances through enhanced joining materials

Our MacDermid Alpha Electronics Solutions business provides solder pastes for printing, dispensing and jetting, preforms, wave solder fluxes, solder bar and solder wire. Our ALPHA™ HiTech underfills and cornerfills provide high reliability to extend the life of the PCB under harsh conditions. 

Vehicle electronics are increasingly required to withstand harsh environments, with extremes of temperature and vibration.

  • Many systems are required to function reliably in operating temperatures in excess of 125°C, close to the powertrain for many thousand of operating cycles, which is beyond the capabilities of standard SAC alloys.
  • Miniaturization creates challenges in electrical functionality - smaller spacings depend on good electro-chemical reliability.
  • Active safety devices require a step-change in reliability compared to other market sectors; for example, while the camera in a cell phone is only in use when you take a picture or video, the vision system in a car is permanently working while the vehicle is switched on.

At ESI Automotive we address these needs with innovative PCB fabrication chemistries and processes, assembly flux chemistries which withstand the toughest automotive dewing tests and with the high-reliability Innolot solder alloy.