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Flexible yellow circuit


Our circuitry division has been supporting all markets segments of the electronics industry for over 60 years

Our company has a unique business model unmatched in the industry which offers incredible advantages to the entire electronics supply chain.  It is the combination of circuitry, assembly, semiconductor and industrial solutions experts.

The collaboration of these teams delivers a deeper understanding of how materials effect, influence and enhance each segment. We take lessons learned to deliver the most innovative solutions to the system. This will help the automotive market make the necessary improvements to navigate its changing landscape.

Our plating knowledge has enabled gains in plating on plastic and creating conductive surfaces on many dielectric materials.

It is our collaborative approach to research and development through understanding the voice of customer that enables us to deliver products with improved performance and ease of use.  We feel this will benefit the automotive industry even more as it transitions alternative vehicle architectures

Conductive pathways 

When considering the wide range of applications necessary to bring electronic function to present and future vehicles, it is clear that ESI Automotive is the best choice for collaboration. Design and expectations for each segment of the car requires a wide range of offerings to create your conductive pathways.  

As the leading provider for activation and copper plating in the flexible circuit area we take that knowledge and apply it to more unique scenarios such as plastic and formable circuit plating. Our experts understand the physical requirements needed for a successful conductive pathway on any design

Functional Surfaces

The final plating step prior to assembly of a system is called a surface or final finish.  As the automotive landscape changes, the role of the final finish continues to provide durability and function. We classify our functional surface finishes by performance requirements: 

  • Solderable
  • Mechanical bondable
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Conductive

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